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SofLens Colours

Manufacturer:Bausch & Lomb
Type of lens:Coloured contact lenses
Lens material:39% Water + 61% Polymacon B
Water content:39%
Oxygen permeability:18 Dk/t
Lens diameter:14.0mm
Base curves:8.7mm
Available powers:-6.00D to +0.00D
Handling tint:Yes
UVA/UVB protection:No

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Regular Price: AED160

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  Right (OD) Left (OS) One Eye
Power (Sph) Power (Sph) Power (Sph)
Base curve (BC) Base curve (BC) Base curve (BC)
Diameter (Dia) 14.0 Diameter (Dia) 14.0 Diameter (Dia) 14.0
Color Color Color


SofLens Natural Colors offer you the chance to either intensify your eye colour or change it completely. Produced by Bausch and Lomb, these lenses are great for people who like to experiment with different looks every now and then. These opaque lenses suit a variety of eye colours, working especially well with those who have darker coloured eyes. The effect of the tint is very natural and can either intensify your natural eye colour or change it completely, depending on the colour you choose. SofLens Natural Colors are suitable for people with or without visual impairments. If you are selecting SofLens Natural Colors for a different look only and you're not in need of any corrective powers, choose a lens with zero power. You can purchase these lenses without a prescription but should still have your optician fit them for you. The lenses are made with the material Polymacon and are extremely comfortable. They contain a 39% water content, which allows for a comfortable fit while still allowing oxygen to properly reach the surface of the eye. The low water content and added absorbency allows for adequate respiration to the retina's surface. This in turn greatly reduces the risk of eye dryness and leaves your eyes free from any irritation.

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