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Biofinity Toric 6pack

Astigmatism is one of the most common refractive errors. Similar to other body parts like ears, legs or feet, the clear surface which is called cornea of the eyeball is not 100% symmetrical but slightly shaped similar to a rugby ball (toric in shape) or in some cases has an irregular shape in general from birth or after an injury. Simply put, the need for correction is for some areas of the eye stronger than for the rest of the eye
You need your nearsighted or farsighted vision corrected. You also demand contacts with comfort that lasts all day—starting with your first morning cup to going out with friends until midnight.

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  Right (OD) Left (OS) One Eye
Power (Sph) Power (Sph) Power (Sph)
Base curve (BC) 8.7 Base curve (BC) 8.7 Base curve (BC) 8.7
Diameter (Dia) 14.5 Diameter (Dia) 14.5 Diameter (Dia) 14.5
Cylinder (Cyl) Cylinder (Cyl) Cylinder (Cyl)
Axis (As) Axis (As) Axis (As)


Water content: 48% Lens diameter: 14mm Base curve: 8.6mm Powers available: +8.00D to -10.00D in grades of 0.25D (0.5D from +/-6.00D) Usage instructions: Monthly lenses Contents: 3 monthly disposable contact lenses Lenses stay moist and comfortable Naturally wettable so you’re less likely to need additional wetting drops

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Manufacturer Biofinity

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